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    A Training Session


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    A Training Session Empty A Training Session

    Post by ViridityMoon on Sat May 19, 2012 3:45 am

    Aeron had been called by Fidelis Rector to help train a few trainee healers. She grabbed her staff from her quarters and slung it over her back as she usually did when she brought it with her. Which was almost constantly. She began to head to the Academy cheerfully. She came up to it and walked in, she then began to head for the room Fidelis had instructed her. She came upon a room with Fidelis and four children. "Hello, young ones who have grasped the art of healing, and hello, Fidelis." She walked up to Fidelis and asked, "So, what stage are they at, and where do you think we should begin?" She enjoyed helping Fidelis with his students.

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    A Training Session Empty Re: A Training Session

    Post by Rioichi on Sat May 19, 2012 4:23 am

    Fidelis looked over the students and saw as they all were attempting to heal some test pods, so to say. These apparatus were designed specifically to take on the "properties" of damage and wounds and react appropriately to certain forms of treatment. These specific students were learning to feel the magic left over in wounds, these ones being specifically prevented from healing by the magic that is left over. Unfortunately they were not makngi progress. Fidelis was taking the place of the regular teacher but he unfortunately had no first hand experience in healing. He only knew what he had seen his sister do.

    His sister.... to think about her at a time like this, about his life as a human with her. In that place separated from the regular earth. Clarus with her healing magic and him with his father's scythe. he shook his head to fight off the nostalgia that was distracting him and stamped his hand on the desk. "No! Listen you have to pay closer attention to the not just the wounds but the parts of the wounds you can't see." He sighed to himself merely making words that seemed to make sense. Still how does a healer actually feel the layers of magic that stop healing? This was not something he could answer.

    Finally he could feel some ease as Aeron approached and entered the class room. He stood up straight now and let out a sigh. "Aeron, it's good you're here." he raised his hands up and shook his head a bit. "I am a hopeless teacher on this subject, after all. These students won't learn anything if it's me." He then turned to the students who had given their attention to the second arch angel. 'Everyone! Be respectful to our special guest, the high preistess of heaven has volunteered to help you, the more advanced selection of students among the healers, progress in your practices. Hopefully enough to be working with her yourself." The gaze of the four students had been on Fidelis as he spoke but then returned to Aeron.

    Fidelis was again acting out of normal for himself, this group of students needing the type of teacher who was a bit stern and not too lenient on them in order to learn anything. "I expect you to be respectful and take her words seriously!" The students were evenly divided when it came to gender, all of equivalent skill in this field they were part of the lower year students and thus in quite a bit of need and also thus had much to learn, still about their field of expertise. Fidelis looked to Aeron now and nodded to her, stepping aside to let her introduce herself, he himself taking a position behind one of the male students, one with a tendency to get distracted by one of the two female students. An attraction that he in no way good at hiding. The kid took notice and put visible effort into keeping his focus on Aeron.

    Fidelis looked to one of the female students, a girl who had an expression of being a bit uncertain. She was a bit younger than she appeared to be, then again the majority of angels do but it was especially true for her. She was one who wasn't always certain of things but needed only slight bits of reassurance to get on the right path. the girl looked into his eyes, him returning with a pat on her head to help her feel assured. Her lips broke into a smile as she turned to Aeron now. the other two students were not difficult cases, they just needed a serious glare to get them to focus properly on Aeron. with all their attention on the female arch angel fidelis gave Aeron a nod to let her know they were all ready to listen.

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    A Training Session Empty Re: A Training Session

    Post by ViridityMoon on Sat May 19, 2012 1:32 pm

    Aeron nodded her head no when Fidelis said he was a bad teacher in healing. "Your the leader of the Academy, your great at teaching this subject." She then began,"Now, healing isn't just blasting your powers into a wound. You must be able to be one with your powers to do this, also. You have to, to be able to guide your powers into the wound, illnesses work the same way. And, the number one rule of healing. Always! And I mean always, heal from the deepest layer of skin as possible. Otherwise when you are finished, the patient will have extreme internal damage. When you advance more, you will learn how to heal internal wounds, but that's later. It will be one of your last classes."

    She picked up the test pod on Fidelis' desk and demonstrated. The children would be able to see it and possibly hear the music that normally played as she healed. It somehow comes out of her energy. She then snapped her finger after a minute and set the pod down, it looked as if nothing had happened to it in the first place. "Any questions?"

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