This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Post by Rioichi on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:35 am

    Welcome to Hell.
    The simple facts.

    Name: Batya Gerenik
    Age: Normal: 24, Child: 8, actual: 6000+
    Gender: Female
    Position: None, roams frelly throughout the realms
    Loyalty: Her own desire to have fun

    Seeing the reflection.

    Weight: Normal: 120, Child: 50,
    Height: Normal: 5'11", Child: 3' 5"
    Apparel: Depends on what she feels like wearing at any given moment.
    Over-all Appearance: Batya

    What I act like.

    Likes: Pretty much everything
    Dislikes: buzz kills, party crashers, mood killers, basically anyone or anything that turns a fun moment into boring city.
    Fears: None. She is not brave she simply doesn't feel a need to be afraid of anything.
    Over-all Personality:
    She can be summed up as carefree. Having no desire to partake in most things that involve battle or pain. All she wants is to have fun in her immortal life. Giving no care for authority or position, no respect for those who throw titles around to appear tough. She is only impressed by the capabilities of people in every aspect of the word. To get her respect, to get her to think of you as someone who even deserves respect. You have to impress her.

    She loves to have fun. She loves to enjoy things. She is so carefree she even uses her abilities to pass into heaven and out again as casually as if she were entering into her own home. It does not matter where, it does not matter when, it does not matter who is there. She goes where she wants, when she wants, if she wants, and leaves when she wants. Ask her to leave, she will not, ask her to stay she will tell you that you didn't have to ask. Ask her never come back, she'll be back in an hour. telling her to not do anything has a lower success rate than teaching poetry to fish without any supernatural powers.

    When it comes to relationships with other individuals, she befriends many. She has her own circle she likes to visit and enjoy time with. As for love she has never experienced it, she does not even seek it out. being someone who doesn't normally stay in one place for too long she is too hard to "tame" in order for her to experience such things. But sex every now and then, yeah she does that.

    She is a prankster, messing with anyone she wants. Haunting them, embarrassing them, harassing them, hurting them, if it is fun watch your back should she be in the area. She never thinks of consequences and she never stays to face them. She is an extremely free spirit. Some may not see her for months at a time, years even. She is always doing something as if it would mean to die if she should stop in one place for too long.

    The Potential of a Tainted Soul.

    Mythical Ability:

    A power that if it were not limited would be feared by even the mightiest of beings. Absolute control over boundaries of both physical and metaphorical natures. Boundaries that do exist and boundaries that we can imagine exist. Thankfully this power has limitations for her. There are some boundaries that she will never be able to control such as the boundary between angels and demons, or life and death. She can, however and without any effort, control the boundaries that separate heaven, hell, and earth. She is able to enter each one as easily as stepping through a door way ripping open portals through which only she may pass and connect any of these worlds to traverse into them.

    She is able to manipulate the boundaries between physical appearances and thus can make herself appear as she wishes, however she always returns to what she knows is her real appearance, having an attachment to it and not wanting to ever forget herself. Some fear the limitations of her abilities, rumours state that she would be able to break the bonds between the particles of any being she meets with but a blink of her eyes. This is far from true she can not directly harm another living being or entity using her power, she might be able to change their appearance but only to a stable form. This is the only thing she can directly do with her power against another being.

    Her abilities know moderate limits, she is not able to directly control the "boundaries" pertaining to any other living being or entity except the boundaries between physical appearances. She can not break the boundaries that separate angels, demons, humans, or any species/races. She can not repair the soul. she can not instantly break down magic energy into purely nothing the process takes time thus making her negation of attacks imperfect. She can not grant herself new powers through boundary manipulation, only mimic them and not perfectly. she can not restore her own magical power through direct boundary manipulation and she can not create god like magical objects with it (i.e a sword that can break the existence of the devil in one strike would be impossible, far beyond her abilities.) there is a degree to which she can make magical objects with this power but the process is taxing in relative to the power of the object, anything godly would erase her existence, anything near godly would kill her, anything that can kill arch angels/demons with ease would cause her to be reborn as a human all of which before it would even be able to remain in existence. Weapons of great strength, though, can leave her exhausted for a week or two depending on how powerful. Anything less can tire her out for at most a day.

    It is also impossible for her to manipulate boundaries related to time, such as the boundaries between seconds/days/years/etc. Thus she can not cross time, nor change the flow of time at her will. The only theoretical exception is her ability to change her physical age.

    Weapons: None aside from those she creates with her ability.

    History of a Sinner.

    Family: None that she can recall, having long forgotten them over the years.
    History: (to come in the future)

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    Post by Hatarou on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:51 am

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