This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Lucian - Leader of the Missing.


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    Lucian - Leader of the Missing. Empty Lucian - Leader of the Missing.

    Post by Nyixina on Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:10 am

    Name: Lucian (His original name was lost in time.)
    Age: Over 7000
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Missing.

    Appearance: Lucian has golden hair that falls to his mid back in long locks which he keeps well-tended so that he doesn't have to worry about them. His bangs sweep across his forehead in a jagged manner looking almost like he’s trying to cover his face at times. His eyebrows are the same golden shade arching to make it look like he’s glaring towards the person he looks to. His eyes are two different colours due to the fact that one of them is cursed. He tries to keep it covered so no one sees what's wrong with it. His ears are pierced; he tends to keep various gems pinned into them that hold some sort of enhancing power to them. He stands roughly at 6”2, and has a frightening air to him. Most people think he’s a demon himself. Now and then occasionally he’ll use his wings that are a golden colour just like his hair. They’re roughly at ten feet in length when fully unfurled. This allows fast flying and tight maneuvers if he needs to do something. When it comes to dress style, Lucian is always in a dress coat of sorts looking fancy. He doesn’t like to wear anything that’ll make him look less elegant than he truly is. When it comes to scents, Lucian smells of ginger and lime mixed in one. It’s a strange but pleasing sharp scent. On his shoulder is a marking that looks like a tattoo, Lucian never speaks of it.
    Lucian - Leader of the Missing. 77206-38924.jpg_large

    Personality: Lucian tends to be a calm person unless someone tries to push him over the edge. Lucian is sadistic to the point he will torture someone to hear their screams fill the air. He does not seem to have much good to him, though he’ll come off as a total charmer to those around him, especially when he wants something. He is very two faced and has nothing against harming those that are not part of his cause. Most see him as a monster, he sees himself as a realist who will do anything he wants to get to his goals. If that means killing people here and there he will do it. There is no such thing as guilt to Lucian. He is very much amoral. When it comes to people who are a part of his organization he will protect them no matter what even if it means knocking a few heads off. It doesn’t seem like Lucian scares easy in fact he’ll do his best to test fate all he wants. In his eyes there will be no negative draw backs. It doesn’t seem like he has much of a conscious, most people mistaken him for a devil rather than an angel. When it comes to love he does not show any compassion towards anyone. He doesn’t seem to react to most things around him.

    Name: Barret
    Type: Gun
    Description: It’s a gun, and on the side in script is written 'Angelo'
    Abilities: Normal gun.

    Name: Shadow scythe
    Type: Battle Scythe
    Description: Black and silver scythe.
    Abilities: Gets heavier on whim, so if he’s attacking it’ll suddenly gain weight. Though once it gains weight it will not lose it until the end of battle. He can move it between a gram of weight to a ton if he wants to. Dark energy is laced through the scythe making it deadly to the point that you don’t know if its darkness planning to kill them or something else of the likes.

    Powers: Lucien's powers seem to mirror Nyx's in most respect but he cannot heal. He is not capable of healing others, only himself. The regeneration is fast, but does not generally fix vital organs. He can control elements around him like fire, water, air and earth. Being able to form fire balls and the likes in his hands. He can also control weak minds with ease. A power he holds that is rare among all creatures is he can open portals to anywhere at any time. (Yes I know OP but he’s a plot villain. :P )

    Short history: He was born with his sister Nyixinia in the region near Russia at the time. There was no snow here yet though he was sure it was going to come once more. The clan they lived in earned a good living from hunting the animals around them. The pelts to keep them warm, and the meat to keep them all healthy from harm. Lucian was the best hunter they had though he preferred to be a story teller over someone who murdered creatures. Though after every time of killing a creature they would pray that the soul passed on to the other world so that it might find other hunting lands of its own. He was happy, and his sister was being trained as a priestess to make sure that they could ward off evil spirits that might roam the land near them. One night they were warned that something was lurking through the lands coming to take revenge on their clan. Lucian was sent off with a bunch of the other hunters to see if they could kill the beast before it killed them. What Lucian didn’t know was that his sister had snuck after them to see what the monster was that had her people in such a worry. He died protecting his sister from a saber tooth tiger and he end up dying from the wounds that raked across his body. One of the men in their tribe put him out of his misery because they all knew death was near. So they saw no point in prolonging his suffering for no reason. His spirit lingered for a bit to make sure his baby sister was safe before passing on to something else.

    He roamed through the realm of heaven pretty confused on what to do. Eventually his sister showed up and Lucian was happy to see her again though pained by the fact she had died. They were once more close to each other, protecting each other from dangers. Lucian tried to explain to his sister how this realm worked but it was confusing for them both to try to understand so he didn’t generally end up scaring her about how they conducted their life up there. He warned her that there was a being who they didn’t want to piss off because the consequences didn’t seem like they would be good. During this time he bonded with his sister. Together the two of them came into touch with powers that didn’t seem natural for their kind. This worried him a lot mostly because something like this was not supposed to happen or so they thought. They didn’t know that the ruler of the realm had seen it appropriate to give his future warriors something to protect themselves with. During this time Lucian found out that his powers seemed to differ from his sisters though he didn’t mind that much. It was more fun when they spared. They grew stronger with each passing year though that didn’t matter. Nyx was the strongest female in the midst of the ones that were there so she became the Queen. Lucian was nothing but happy for his baby sister. There were no ill feelings from him because he cared deeply for his sister no matter what anyone said to him about her. Lucian became the head of her guard to keep his sister safe from any threats that might’ve rose up. During this time they found out about the existence of demons. Not a fact that he was thrilled with considering they’d have to constantly defend themselves from the dangers.

    A few years later they came to the fact that they needed to protect earth too. The thought made Nyx tense a lot so Lucian was usually sent out to deal with mobs of demons. It came to the point that he was known as the holy crusader. This was mostly due to the fact he would lead armies of angels to keep the honour of the Queen alive. During one of these raids Lucian went missing. No one knew where he went. In fact he was dragged to one of the lowest plains of hell by something that rivaled the power of the ruler of their realm. He didn’t know how to react and tried to get away from what he learned was the real demon, the father of all demons. It was during this time that he was constantly tortured to the point that he didn’t know where he was or who he was. Lucian remembered nothing of his past, after a few years of pure hell the man was released into earth. It was during this time he decided to save people from their various races so that they would not be hurt or exiled. No one knew where the head of Heaven’s army went. Just that we was merely missing. Through the ages he was seen by humans as this beautiful creature. Some thought that he was death while others were frightened to just run when he came into their presence. Lucian didn’t mind. During these years he made an exchange with the pure raw force of darkness. Something about him changed he became even less of a person and more so a force to be reckoned with.

    In the past few years he’s been wiping out troops of either race that he finds that will not join him. It seemed to be that he was making his own army that accepted all races no matter what the person was like. During this point people would constantly say that their people were missing so he labelled their cause missing. It only made sense to him since people seemed to be constantly looking for the ones they lost. Even the Queen seemed to be looking for someone. It was during this time that Lucian learned that there was a way to bring Hell and Heaven into the human realm which would cause nothing but pure chaos. The information didn’t seem safe in his hands but no one knew that he knew it. The only thing people seemed to notice was that he was more vicious and he always kept his one eye covered as if afraid that someone might look at it and not like what they saw there. During the recent years there have been people claiming they’ve seen him but he’s been hiding out working on his plan that he has in mind while helping hone his powers and those of his group. He seeks to make them the rulers of all three realms no matter what might happen.

    Other: He's the leader of missing, leading demons and angels alike in a unity to destroy heaven and hell, to make one plain where all creatures can co-exist.

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    Approve god now I need to redo my history too <.<

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    Lucian - Leader of the Missing. 250kyzl

    Since he is a plot villain

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