This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Post by Rioichi on Fri May 04, 2012 2:57 am

    Fidelis walked slowly across the forest floor, he has already reached a point deep in the woods, the rest of heaven was not visible except for the sky and that which was high enough. He felt the leaves crumble beneath the shoes on his feet as he walked on down the familiar path. He was wearing an expression that was far more serious than that which he normally wears. He was dead silent and was glancing at everything that seemed to move, in this area that wasn't paranoia that was appropriate caution. He stopped as he saw a shadow move against the background, there was undoubtedly something hunting him by the looks of it. So he would now hunt it in return, he can not trust allowing any living being's eyes follow him to his destination. Immediately Lubricus would appear in his hand as he walked over to one of the trees. He isolated the area around the tree and waited, waited patiently for the thing to move toward him.

    His wish was granted, he could see it moving in his direction.he kept his eyes close and acted as though he was unaware of all that was around him. It wasn't the brightest of creatures it was getting closer. Perhaps he'll just make it easy on himself he sat against the tree now and removed his isolation of the area around it, Lubricus vanishing now. The creature took the bait and charged right for him, only to be isolated and helpless. Fidelis stood now and Tondeo would appear in his hands. "You can't get out of there, not without this key." He said as he drew the scythe back and took a stance.

    The blade came aronud now and passed into the isolated area, being able to disperse the magic it touched allowing it to enter, though the magic would reform after words. He made a dozen quick slashes through the creature and drained its magic until it was no more. Tondeo would vanish and he would continue on as he was. Passing into the barrier that held them in safety, it was time to indulge his hobby. before him sat the alter and the weapons he hated so much but used to keep his hobby alive. He went up to the alter and a blade would appear to him, Imperium. The blade would come to rest on the stone table. Fidelis took a few steps back to be in the center of all the weapons and his magic would begin to flow out of him and surround him then move away in seven different trails to the seven weapons becoming infused into them and thusly strengthening them.

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