This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust


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    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust Empty Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust

    Post by Tendou on Wed May 02, 2012 10:05 pm

    Welcome to Hell.
    The simple facts.

    Name: Alita Ido
    Age: Appears 16, but is in actuality 4999
    Gender: Female
    Position: Arch-Demon of Lust
    Loyalty: Zavier

    Seeing the reflection.

    Weight: 115 lbs
    Height: 5'4
    Apparel: Prefers to wear as little clothing as possible, so often you'll find her walking around in skimpy clothing such as a bikini or a much too small shirt and much too tight biker shorts. On the offchance that she does wear something covering, it'd be when going into battle, wearing somewhat more covering armor, but even that's kinda skimpy compared to her bretheren.
    Over-all Appearance:
    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust Pbucket
    Her demon state, which she usually keeps her wings formed as tiny little bat wings on her back which are somehow strong enough to carry her. She can form her wings into much larger ones, which can shapeshift into whatever she needs them to be at the time, but she doesn't do this without reason.

    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust Pbucket
    Sometimes she'll take a more normal appearance, appearing as a chocolate-skinned young girl. She usually hides her horns in this appearance as to not scare off potential prey. Alita can take many forms to suit the perversions of her potential prey, so these are only her favored forms.

    What I act like.

    Likes: Carnal acts of the body
    Dislikes: Cockblockers
    Fears: Chastity belts
    Over-all Personality: Alita is a pleasure seeker. She's always trying new things and always gets off on drawing out pleasure from her partners. She is often inquisitive and curious, which tends to lead her into trouble at times. Despite her nature as the Arch-demon of lust, Alita is quite loving as well. So if one earns her affection, it's not half hearted or anything, it's her actual feelings for them.

    The Potential of a Tainted Soul.

    Mythical Ability: Alita has the ability to cause intense pleasure whenever she touches someone. She can choose who gets what amount of pleasure, but the only thing she can't control are her bodily fluids, meaning that something like a kiss would overload someone's senses and having sex would just be completely the most incredible thing you've ever felt. While she could turn off this ability, she never sees any need to.

    Alita also has the ability to control the element of lightning, allowing her to do a few things with it.

    -Travel: Alita can travel in bolts of lightning, dancing around a battlefield becomes as easy as breathing when she's in this state.

    -Weapons: When not using Red Queen, Alita can shape lightning into a whiplike form to attack people with. She can also use them like projectiles by throwing bolts of lightning or just shaping it into different shapes and sizes.

    -Elemental: Alita can also command lightning to appear at her whim. Clouds will gather and lightning will rain down on places of her choosing.

    -Lightning dragons: A powerful attack done by concentrating all the available lightning in an area into one place, the dragons are formed from her arms and directed into the enemy. From there, she'll usually encase them in a zone of lightning and strike them from all angles by riding the lightning around within the zone.

    Weapons: Whips
    Weapon Name: Red Queen
    Type: Symbiotic weapon
    Description: The Red Queen is infact a red whip with a serrated edge. It appears to be a weapon that doesn't miss no matter how many times she swings it. The truth of the weapon is that it's actually a limb from another demon that Alita managed to tame and make into her own weapon. So it senses who Alita is targetting and aims for that person or object when swung.

    History of a Sinner.

    Family: All of her family are just blurs of memory by now. Even though she doesn't remember, all her family became angels except for her.
    History: Alita lived a very debauched life while she was still human. She slept around to get around as the saying goes. She slept with men to gain positions of power, she slept with men for money, for pretty much anything one can think of. And why? Because men desired her. They wanted to make her their own and she used that against them, ruined them, but they never cared.

    But one day she messed with the wrong man. He tracked her down and kidnapped her and ruined her good looks and told her that he'd make sure no one ever wanted her again so he'd be the only one she could rely on. But Alita didn't want that, so she lept off the highest point she could find to end it all. But of course, something else took her before the ground did.

    When she awoke again, she was in hell. She didn't even register the changes in her body for almost the entire first hour of being there. But when she did, she went to the nearest reflective surface and stared at her face. It was even more beautiful than she was as a human! Of course, she soon found out about the demon that was in charge of the place. Perfect. She soon found an opportunity to ease her way into a position of power once again.

    As time passed, she began to respect her new King as he wasn't one to just let her walk all over him. He showed her her limits and she abided by them. In time, she began to become known as the Arch-Demon of Lust, a fitting title for one such as her.

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    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust Empty Re: Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust

    Post by Rioichi on Wed May 02, 2012 10:16 pm

    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust 250kyzl

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    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust Empty Re: Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust

    Post by Hatarou on Wed May 02, 2012 10:39 pm

    Approved welcome my arch demon of lust~

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    Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust Empty Re: Alita Ido, Arch-Demon of Lust

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