This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Clarus Rector-Lost Angel


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    Clarus Rector-Lost Angel Empty Clarus Rector-Lost Angel

    Post by Rioichi on Tue May 01, 2012 6:18 pm

    The simple facts.

    Name: Clarus Rector
    Age:16, 5000
    Gender: Female
    Position:Lost Soul
    Loyalty:Her older brother

    Seeing the reflection.

    Height: (Clarus) 5'6" (Clarissa) 5'8"
    Apparel: (Clothing and the likes.)
    Over-all Appearance:

    Clarus Rector-Lost Angel Fwkrw5


    Clarus Rector-Lost Angel 16ivc5d

    Clarissa doesn't have the ponytail or the choker, though.

    What I act like.

    Likes:Anything that is milky white or jet black in color, the sound of flowing water, slightly chilly areas, limestone.
    Dislikes: Very little to be honest.
    Fears: Lava and flames, the thought of never seeing Fidelis again.
    Over-all Personality: Unfortunately Clarus developed a second personality after being separated from her brother after death. This two personalities contrast greatly and each one is able to access powers that also contrast. The "original" Clarus is dominant most of the time. Her other personality, Clarrisa, is able to awaken at times of emotions or when they are threatened as Clarus, being against fighting, allows Clarissa to take control.

    Clarus herself is a kind person, she is not hesitant to use her healing magic on creatures that seem helpless. She rather enjoys peaceful things in order to keep herself from breaking down out of sheer loneliness. Anything of a milky white color or jet black will remind her of her brother, Fidelis, whom she greatly desires to find once more. She usually will retreat from possible danger, inevitable danger she allows Clarissa to handle. She can be strong when defending others however she is not very confident on her own. When she is alone she is more likely to have an emotional breakdown having gone through Hell in an unfortunate accident and becoming traumatized by it.

    Clarissa is quite the opposite of Clarus she is quite confident in herself and her abilities and is not afraid to fight, she doesn't seek out conflict activwely but she will instigate it should even a minor reason arise. She isn't very self conscious about her body, unlike Clarus, and pays no mind if her clothing should tear. However she does use this to mock opponents that seem to take notice. Outside of battle she isn't the most social of beings and doesn't start conversations with people unless they seem annoying. She does have a soft side for Clarus, though, being born to keep the girl from complete loneliness. This soft side of her is very supportive and comforting in contrast to her hardened shell she isn't exactly the romantic type she cares little for it, this is also in contrast to Clarus, though anything physical is not unwelcomed yet not sought out. She is not afraid or uncomfortable around demons in any way she is pretty casual around them though she'll have no problem with brutally killing those that attack her. Though she cares little of it she does attempt to seek out Fidelis but this is for the sake of Clarus whom she wishes to protect.

    The Potential of a Pure Soul.

    Mythical Ability:
    Though neither personality is accurately aware of it Clarus has the ability to change her form and clothing at will. however the only display is when the personalities switch places.

    Clarus has access to the healing magic she had when she was human, having practiced it while in Hell it has become impressive able to stop all forms of bleeding and reconnect nerves and tendons as an example of some of it. It can be quite taxing on her though unless used on herself. Clarissa is not able to use any of the healing magic, though.

    Clarus is also able to change her sense of vision and see things of great distances away and even visibly see magic power emanated from non human beings. Clarissa has a variant of this power being able to perceive that which is not visible to the eye such as whether or not something is heavier than another or whether or not it is unnoticeably sliding towards the edge of slanted ground and would eventually fall. This ability gives her a prior notice of attacks in battle making it rare for her to be unable to avoid the worst case scenario in battle.

    Clarissa is capable of launching energy from her body, this energy launches with a high amount of force and can easily knock opponents a great distance away giving her a chance to prepare her next attack it can also activate unconsciously to defend against unseen threats. This ability is unavailable to Clarus, however.

    Clarissa can produce a large omnidirectional attractive force that draws almost anything towards her this ability is used mostly to throw off opponents and has a wide range of effect the amount of power used is dependent on how powerful the attracting force is ranging from able to move pebbles to being able to pull in a three story block of metal. At it's maximum it takes a considerable amount of power but can change the battlefield to give her something to take advantage or. She can focus it onto a single area as well vastly reducing the amount of power it uses but making it a versatile ability however this requires a deal of concentration and prevents her from using another ability with it. Clarus is not able to use this ability.

    Clarissa's main method of attack, however, is her ability to emit forces of different natures. This is a highly versatile ability that uses minimal to moderate power from her. She has a limited array of forces she can emit. She can emit a destructive force which completely obliterates its target however this is the most taxing force she can use when in large amounts but is her most deadly force. The next force she can emit is unity] this is a moe abstract ability she projects a wave which draws in whatever is near and creates a mass that will move at a high velocity in the direction she chooses however this is not all that the ability is limited to. The third force she can use is that of corruption, almost as deadly as destruction this force causes decay or can cause the power of an individual to enter a state of uselessness thus effectively cutting the power of an enemy down. Corruption may also have other applications however it is a very taxing quite close to destruction. The fourth force she can emit is that of pain this force does minor damage but causes great amounts of pain in that which it affects capable of slipping them into unconsciousness though this would require a large amount of concentration and thus prevents other abilities from working. (more may come)

    There is one ability that is shared between both Clarus and Clarissa. This is the ability to sense "blips" within the magic energy of a being, these blips are caused by changes in emotions and through memorization Clarus and Clarissa are capable of knowing the exact feelings of another being, due to this being a passive ability the two of them can find it quite inconvenient at times when they detect things they'd rather not notice. The two of them have let this become second nature to them and thus they can't just refuse to read the blips it happens unconsciously however it is an excellent method of remaining aware of all things around them. They can shut out some but they can not shut out all blips they detect.

    Weapons: Two guns used by Clarissa. Veroer and Silentium.
    Weapon Name: Veroer
    Type: Hand Gun
    Description: Veroer is a pure white hand gun that draws on Clarissa's magic to fire, it has a cord that seems to originate from the left side of Clarissa's hip. Whatever it hits will become susceptible to an element of Clarrisa's choice. the main ability of the weapon however is to shoot small beams that are easy to fire in quick succession unlike Silentium however this is how they are designed in order to compliment each other.

    Weapon Name: Silentium
    Type: Hand Gun
    Description: Silentium is a pure white hand gun that draws on Clarissa's magic to fire. This gun fires a highly powerful beam rather than a bullet and takes a bit of her magic to fire it can't be fired in succession (once per post). This bears a cord that seems to originate from the right side of Clarissa's hip. Both guns rest in holdsters strapped to her outer thighs, they are usually hidden under her skirt the cords hang out though and somewhat look like suspenders. She can add elements into the beam to deal more damage to those weak against the element chosen.

    History of a Saint.

    Family: Fidelis Rector

    (See Fidelis rector for her human life.)


    Clarus couldn't find Fidelis anywhere, why did he disappear? Though she didn't know what she was or that she was no longer human she couldn't think otherwise having remained on Earth, her brother having risen to Heaven. It wouldn't be possible for her to find him again, She didn't know there were realms other than her birth land and that place with the blue sky. However her parents had taught her much about the world that Earth was and she wasn't lost and she was able to move around feeling like she knew where to go but she was not able to stand the sudden separation from Fidelis, the worry that he might be gone and that they might never meet again. She just had to know what happened to him and so she searched, endlessly and without ever seeing him.

    She was searching a forest, she had the feeling that if she were to ever find him it would be in a forest and for the past hundred years she searched in as many of them as she could, however today she would be unlucky. As she was walking the ground caved underneath her revealing a portal through which she fell through.... and entered the realm of hell.

    It was here that her life turned to its worst, here that she was forced to learn the harsher side of survival, back when she was human she depended on fidelis to protect her and help her survive but now she did not have him nor did she know how one survives in Hell. This lack of knowledge left her in a terrible situation as she sensed nothing but malicious energies everywhere as if she were a target of hounds. She would hide whenever something approached she couldn't fight and she couldn't defend herself she had no weapons merely healing magic from when she was human and nothing more.

    Surviving in hell was too harsh on her as every second of the day she had to live in fear that something would find her. It was still instinctive of her to eat in order to survive but she had no food to find in order to do so and in her mind she was suffering from starvation. Eventually when she couldn't take it she found the remains of a freshly killed creature, having no choice but to eat the flesh it still had though there was little of it. It was here that she snapped, that she looked at herself and didn't recognise who she saw. That was when Clarissa was born and Clarus fell asleep. Clarissa looked at the fleshy remains and spared not a moment to consume them. Then she went looking for something to kill. Clarissa was strangely demonic enough in personality that none ever saw that she was an angel, her wings were not there after all as Clarus till believed herself human and subconsciously her body prevented wings from forming.

    (more may come soon)

    Clarus and Clarissa were able to communicate now and they both agreed on finding Fidelis, there biggest issue, however, was that they were stuck in hell and had no knowledge of how to reach Heaven they still didn't even know it existed. He had to somewhere, in her or on earth but how does she even get back to earth? She didn't know how, she hadn't even been sure what had brought her here, she had failed to notice the portal to hell though by now this very portal collapsed and no longer existed. The two now switch places when the time for it comes, when they are unable to avoid a battle.

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