This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Nyx, Queen of heaven.


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    Nyx, Queen of heaven. Empty Nyx, Queen of heaven.

    Post by Nyixina on Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:26 am

    Name: Nyx
    Age: Over 7000
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Queen of heaven

    Appearance: Nyx is a beautiful woman with a demanding presence standing at the height of 6"2, Nyx seems to tower most females. Although she does not seem to enjoy being her height since it gets her noticed more than someone of average height. But being her height does have some benefits like being able to reach higher, and the likes. Her body is toned for battle, it shows clearly when she moves. Even though her body is toned she is not heavily set, she has a lithe frame. Her body shape is fairly normal, with subtle curves. Nyx seems to hold a wild air about her that makes many people uneasy. It’s like a tiger prowling in a cage; the feeling tends to scare most people. The way she moves gives people a view of how she would be in battle. Although that seems to be the only thing that remains the same about the angel often. Her hair is snow white, falling to her mid back in loose curls. Her eyebrows are about the same colour arching over her striking golden eyes that seem to demand respect. Her wings are not attached normally. That seems to be the abnormal thing about her. Also she likes to wear dresses when she cans.
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    Personality: Nyx can be very calm and patient but to some people she loses her temper fast. With her age she was become very refined. Her mannerism is gentle towards most, but she is known for having her vicious streak. The beautiful woman seems sweet and motherly to most around her but underneath she is turmoil of emotions. She is pure to the heart is what many have said but she's not. She keeps her judgment of people light so she does not become attached since in her work she sees many people; a few face every couple hundred years. Friendship is not a big part of her life and she does not really care about it.

    Name: Hope and Love
    Type: Twin Katana
    Description: Pure black, and the other is pure white. Just like ying and yang it stands for peace; she hates drawing her weapons. The black one’s handle is made from what looks to be onyx; you can see it slightly is you hold it in the light. What’s carved into the handle is the symbol for ice and water, around the hilt of the sword, where the blade and sword meet its silver. The hilt is usually hidden by a silver silk piece of cloth.
    Abilities: She only takes it off to show the marks, which increase his power if she’s losing it. And keep in mind she's freaking powerful.

    She is able to look into people's minds, but certain people she cannot, for example she would not be able to read the king of hell’s thoughts or anyone who has this power and knows how to block their mind. This trait keeps most people away from her but it shows her what kind of people they are. She does not often look in to someone’s mind since she finds it rude only another person her power level would be able to sense her reading their minds. She is like a ghost, enters and leaves without being noticed by anyone I f they’re weaker than her. Since she's able to read through minds she can also talk telepathically. Her voice holds a sense of power in someone’s mind that usually makes them want obey her. By giving a sharp look to someone she would stop them in their tracks. She is utterly powerful but this is not the limit of her powers.

    She is a master of healing; she can heal any wound and even go to the length to talk to the dead. She could bring back the dead if she really wanted to be she sees this as demonic so she refuses to use that talent. Her healing varies on the situation she is in; she can actually use her tech's in battle if she has to. She is able to sooth the mind and cures it of inner demons, but that usually takes a large ceremony which tends to wear her out.

    Nyx also controls the weather. And can make weapons out of lightning, and thunder from storms can act as shockwaves. Her powers are deeply developed.

    Short history: HUMAN
    Nyixina was a strange looking child; she was born with snow white hair. Her family took it as a sign and had her placed to stay with their priestess so that she’d get the proper education. During this time her brother would visit her whenever he had the chance. These brief minutes between them usually made her very happy to the point she didn’t question anything else that seemed to go one about her. It wasn’t a bad life though she didn’t understand most of the things that the priestess tried to teach her. There didn’t seem much of a point to learn about plants. Though she did It anyways since it made her family happy to see her trying to work for the priestess fulfill a life of magic. When Nyx was roughly fourteen years old the priestess died. It struck her hard because she never lost someone close to her before. She didn’t know how to react, but she needed to be in charge of the ceremony considering she was the only priestess trained in the stead of the one who just passed away. After fixing the body up with the proper things for her burial Nyx left the small village so that she didn’t have to watch someone who she loved as family be buried. It hurt her to think that she lost someone and that death could easily steal someone’s life before they even knew what was happening. The thought scared her a lot. For a week after the death no one seemed to know where she was. In truth Nyx was hiding from the duty that had been placed on her from the fact her mentor had died. It wasn’t fair that she got slated with such a job and that the villagers expected her to follow it out.

    During this time she heard a rumor of a beast roaming the lands. The thought frightened her more than she would tell anyone because she didn’t want to be seen as weak. As their priestess Nyx wanted to be able to lead them even If she was only fourteen. There had to be someone to protect them. Years passed, her brother was known for his excellent skill while Nyx was known for her powers of healing someone who needed it. The pair seemed to be blessed from the other world. During these years Nyx found out that a large beast was stalking their small village of people. The hunters decided to go off to kill the beast and she wanted to see what it looked like. It had been described to her as a monster that no one could slay. Following after the hunting party the beast had caught her scent since it seemed to be sweet compared to the human males that were hunting it. The next thing the healer knew a large wild cat was trying to kill her. He brother showed up protecting the healer from certain death but gaining his own in the end. Nyx found grief following her; she prepared her brother for death feeling like a part of her was dying with him. After they held a ceremony to pass on his soul Nyx left their village never being spotted again. Sometimes there were whispers about where she went but no one really seemed to know what happened to the white haired teen that went off on her own to face the world. She figured she was better off roaming the land than seeing more people in her family die all around her and having to prepare them for death herself. That was a job she didn’t want.

    During this time she traveled across the thick wilderness crossing monsters from stories that her brother liked to tell. It was at this time that she learned how to use a sword to stop enemies from trying to kill her. The white haired priestess was starting to become notorious between clans. There would be whispers about the medicine woman. Now and then a small clan of people would try to tempt her to joining them so that they had someone to protect them and heal them. She constantly declined because there was no reason to search for something that she didn’t want to have. The clans didn’t like being rejected but there was nothing she could do for them. She’d fix their ill and then move on to the next clan of people who she knew were roaming the lands. It wasn’t hard for her to want to have these people protected. It seemed that her whole life revolved around helping people even if she didn’t enjoy it most of the time. There was a lot of work to be done and it seemed like she was the only medicine woman willing to tempt the wilderness around her to search for something to fill her life with. Years seemed to pass quickly without her realizing. During this time she met a man who seemed to perplex her but she didn’t challenge him more than she had to. Their personalities clashed a lot; they were very different people who didn’t seem like they would mix very well. It was how she knew that she was falling in love. Unfortunately they died together as a large beast had found them in the throes of passion. Both had been surprised trying to protect themselves but they failed.


    Nyx didn’t know where she was when she ended up in a new world she never saw before. Was this where all the dead ended up going? She explored the realm, and to her surprise found her brother. Excited she made up with him, telling him tales of her life as a human. Lucian was surprised by the things he heard from her like the fact she learned the trade of hunting and had left their family to try and find her-self in the world. The pair was happy together once more, telling stories and making up for all the lost time between them. It didn’t seem like either of them knew what to do in this realm, though she was aware there was a mighty person who ran it above them. There was someone that her brother had told her was a good. If he thought it was a god she wouldn’t question it. It wasn’t her place to do such a thing even if she was sorely tempted to do such a thing. There were even creatures in heaven. It came to her understanding that when someone died in this realm they were recreated in the world below that she just left. Their souls could be turned into anything, as simple as a bird to being a human once more. The thought was an interesting one. After a few years she decided she wanted to learn what herbs the realm of heaven to have to offer when it came to healing since she figured it’d come in handy eventually. She preferred to be safe rather than have the off chance that they might need her help when it came to patching someone up. It seemed the things that her teacher had taught her stuck with the woman even in death.

    Lucian and her came into their powers together. It surprised them both that such things existed but they accepted the gift from the god without questioning it. They didn’t want to be rude to whatever graced them with such a thing. They began working together to try and figure out how their powers worked and what the extents of it were. Soon enough they were often found sparing one another and having fun with it. There seemed to never be a dull moment. Nyx was happy once again having her twin at her side. They soon found out that Nyx was the strongest with her powers throughout the realm so she ended up becoming the leader for them. This was something she wasn’t used to nor knew how to react to. Did she accept it and go on with living or? When she found out about her own powers it seemed the demons were doing the same thing. It wasn’t long before heaven started getting attacked. Nyx didn’t know if they’d have enough warriors but her brother took to the hull of being the leader of the army so that his sister could rule without being in danger. Nyx didn’t like it but she handled it because they needed to have someone to help cull the demons that constantly seemed to want to go for the blood of angels. This angered the Queen of the angels who thought about going after the source herself. Though she was constantly advised against it because it’d end badly for both sides if the leaders clashed against one another like she wanted them to. Lucian handled the wars letting her remain watching over the realm protecting the young that would end in the academy. There didn’t seem to be a moment’s peace for her.

    During one of their worst wars her brother vanished. No one knew where he was. Nyx was panicked because he was the head of their offense. Now what was she supposed to do? Search parties were sent out to look for him but they were either destroyed or returned empty handed. This drove the Queen to the point of being on edge at all times. She herself took to the battle field against the demons, slaughtering them without mercy. It seemed that was becoming more of a demon herself than the people who were trying to live peacefully among one another. There were a lot of things she could’ve said. For the recent years she’s been living in the castle wondering where her brother was and watching heaven thrive around her even if she wanted to leave. There was no way she could abandon her kind no matter how she felt. There wouldn’t be anything dangerous like that happening to her people if she could help it. During this time she decided to make the arch angels have jobs in certain parts of heaven looking after various things since she couldn’t be everywhere all the time even if she wanted to be.

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