This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Ryohei Sakuraba - Academy Student Empty Ryohei Sakuraba - Academy Student

    Post by 3.14159265 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:49 am

    The simple facts.

    Name: Ryohei Sakuraba
    Age: Appears 16, is sixty-three
    Gender: Male
    Position: Academy Student
    Loyalty: Heaven

    Seeing the reflection.

    Weight:156 pounds
    Apparel: Ryohei wears a very strange style, somewhat contemporary while possibly bordering on the absurd. his main outfit is a pair of white cargo shorts with large, obvious pockets, held with a black belt, a pair of purple boots, and a purple, high-necked jacket that hides the bottom part of his face. He also always has a pair of unique headphones, also mostly purple, though the earpieces are black discs remeniscent of vynal records. He wears a single yellow sweatband, to which he attaches his Pins.
    Over-all Appearance: Ryohei is somewhat pale, though not extremely so, with bright-orange hair which spikes out around his headphones, occasionally drooping to cover his hair, but not often, as if it was held up by will alone, or copious amounts of hair gel. He has some muscle, though not a rediculous amount, more attuned to a runner's body than a bodybuilder's.

    Ryohei Sakuraba - Academy Student 7c0107b_thumb

    What I act like.

    Likes: Being alone, Music, People minding their own business
    Dislikes: People, Talking to others, opening up.
    Fears: opening up to others and being hurt or not understood.
    Over-all Personality: Ryohei often comes across as rude or rash, pushing people away and isolating himself for little or no reason, not enjoying the company of others and generally scorning them whenever he can. In her outward personality, he reflects all that others think of him, but if a person were to get through this exterior and become his friend, they would find someone that would go to hell and back, litterally, for them.

    The Potential of a Pure Soul.

    Mythical Ability: Psych Activation (Pins)
    Weapons: Only his Reaper's Pins as of now.
    Weapon Name: Reaper's Pins
    Type: Pins
    Description: The Reaper's Pins consists of a set of pins which is carried on the angel's person at all times. Each has a single ability. Each has four attributes: a name, a symbol, a physical manifestation, and an effect.

    Name: Pyrokinesis
    Symbol: A flame
    Physical Manifestation: A small blue flame appears around the pin when active.
    Effect: Creates a flame about the size of a basketball wherever the wielder focuses. This flame is hot enough to cause damage, but not that much.

    Name: Shockwave
    Symbol: A white 'slash' arc
    Physical Manifestation: The sword itself is this pin's physical manifestation.
    Effect: When activated by an effort of will, forms a blade which extends outward from the wielder's arm.

    Name: Cure Drink
    Symbol: A can of soda
    Physical Manifestation: a can of healing liquid forms in his hand.
    Effect: When activated, has a weak healing affect on a target.

    Name: Psychokinesis
    Symbol: A white-gloved hand.
    Physical Manifestation: The using hand glows blue.
    Effect: When activated, roughly throws an object, regardless of weight, as long as it is free-standing, at a target. this will work equally well on anything from a coin to a car.

    Name: Thunderbolt
    Symbol: A bolt of lightning
    Physical Manifestation: Lightning shoots out of the using hand and coalesces around it before becoming the attack.
    Effect: Creates a bolt of lightning which strikes an enemy and bounces between it and up to six other targets, dealing moderate damage.

    Name: Force Rounds
    Symbol: A yellow and blue, flame-like projectile
    Physical Manifestation: When activated, Ryohei's hand glows yellow.
    Effect: With an effort of will, he can then fire bursts of energy out of it which do a minor amount of concussive damage, though they fire quite quickly. The pin can fire twelve such blasts before needing to be recharged with his will.

    Name: Black Skull
    Symbol: A white skull on a black background
    Physical Manifestation: Transforms Ryohei's wings, causing them to appear like this:
    Ryohei Sakuraba - Academy Student Reaper_Neku_Watercolor_by_The_Legendaerie_LT
    Effect: Allows the Angel to 'scan' the minds of others, picking up their surface thoughts. This ability only works on humans and very minor supernatural creatures, as others are simply too powerful for the scan to pick up anything.

    Name: Fusion
    Symbol: Blank at first, otherwise depends on battle partner
    Physical manifestation: The Puck in stage 1. When stage two is activated, a green 'chain' of energy bonds the two together, releasing the Fusion into the surrounding area.
    Effect: This pin has no effect when fighting alone. When fighting with a partner, the pin creates a field of green energy (a 'puck') which moves between each of them as they fight, increasing in power with each bounce. After the puck reaches maximum power, the pin changes to create a new image depending on the partner. When activated after this, it releases a powerful attack which varies depending on the partner or partners involved.

    History of a Saint.

    Family: none known, presumed still alive, mostly.
    History: Ryohei is a very recent addition to the angels' numbers, hailing from the japanese city of Shibuya, having died only a few decades ago rather than the centuries that many angels can claim. His life was not distinguished in any way other than his death, murdered in a back alley by a thug with a gun.

    Even in the world of the dead, he did not stand out too much until he entered the academy and his impressively diverse, if not incredibly powerful at the moment, ability was discovered. Since, developing this has become a passion of his, though he doesn't show his enthusiasm to anyone but himself.

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