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    Igniel: the Archangel of Blowing Stuff Up (Offense)


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    Igniel: the Archangel of Blowing Stuff Up (Offense) Empty Igniel: the Archangel of Blowing Stuff Up (Offense)

    Post by 3.14159265 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:00 am

    The simple facts.

    Name: Igniel
    Age: Appears 16, Is 3662.
    Gender: Male
    Position: Archangel, Offensive Division
    Loyalty: Utterly loyal to Heaven above all other things. (Orders are Absolute)

    Seeing the reflection.

    Height: 5'4"
    Apparel: The angel is usually mainly covered by a dark, almost blood-red robe which flows about him, tied by a sash of the same shade, the tails of which are left free to float in the breeze before him, even as the robes billow out from the same. This robes sleeves hold tight to his arms, extending all the way down them and terminating only when they reach under the white gloves which he wears upon his hands, always immaculate and clean. This is accented by a lighter red mantle and cloack, wrapping around his shoulders and body, with the tail of the cloak folding out around him, giving him a menacing figure despite his slight frame. This is held to his form by a white ribbon which wraps around his shoulders, terminating in his chest in a sort of coif, billowing outward over the center of his chest.
    Over-all Appearance: Igniel is pale, almost deathly so, his skin being so fair as to almost appear white. Set into this are thin eeybrows, a smallish nose, and a mouth seemingly frozen into an impassive frown, paired with a set of crimson orbs that match its impassivity with their own. Framing this is a mass of blond hair which falls about it like a mane, some of it occasionally falling into his eyes, though not often. his form is thin and wiry, though often hidden under his clothes, and a pair of feathery, red-black wings sprout from his back, hooked tips on their crests.

    When unclothed, one can see the lean muscle built up from millenia of combat, as well as many scars gained from the battles he has faught for heaven over all this time, part of the reason he often covers himself so completely.

    What I act like.

    Likes: Order, Law, Obedience
    Dislikes: Chaos, Traitors, Those who stand against the will of heaven.
    Fears: Nothing, for this would require emotion.
    Over-all Personality: Igniel is utterly emotionless, having lost this faculty some time in the past, putting him somewhat at odds with the element he commands so freely. He see obedience to Heaven as the ultimate duty of all things, beyond such petty things as morals or personal oppinion. Heaven's will is absolute for him, and all who stand agaisnt it are misguided at best, and traitors at worst. he tends to lean toward the worst.

    The Potential of a Pure Soul.

    Mythical Ability: Control over Fire
    Weapons: "Lorelai is all I need."
    Weapon Name: Lorelai
    Type: Spear
    Description: Lorelai is a strangely shaped spear, jagged and flame-like, with blades extending from it at odd angles in places. It seems to be forged of a single piece of crimson metal. The blade is oversized, allowing it to be used as an axe as well as a spear.

    Igniel: the Archangel of Blowing Stuff Up (Offense) 32920_thumb

    History of a Saint.

    Family: He has no close family members, and has even chosen a new name to cement his self as devoted only to his duty.
    History: Igniel has always been a warrior, even as a human. In his life, he was a warrior hailing from the city of babylon, and even then, his duty consumed him. He cared not for personal feelings, love, or relationships, his only duty to his country and his people, serving and protecting them to his dying breath, pierced upon the spear of one of these enemies, his only regret that he had not been able to protect his nation further.

    He was raised unto heaven, and even then his war did not stop, the enemy only changing, the methods of war changing... the war itself continues, waged now in a deathly struggle between Angels and Demons, of which this angel would become a key player, especially after his aquiring and mastery of Lorelai, a spear of holy flames which can control the element of fire to almost rediculous extents. He is the angel that, when the Divine chooses to mete out punishment in the form of holy conflagration, is called upon, and his flaming spear has smote the earth only a few times, but each left a permanent marker upon the land. The first was the city of Pompeii, wherein the conflagration he released was so great that it buried the city under a layer of ash and dust so complete, it would not be found again for thousands of years. In time, he has caused great damage to many cities who had thus earned heaven's ire, including London, Moscow, Boston, Rome, and Constantinople.

    Despite this, he does not relish war, seeking mainly to defend that which he is charged to, or destroy that which he is ordered to, seeking only to do his duty to the fullest bounds of his abilities, and to strive to be perfect in all things, though he knows this is an unattainable goal. In time, he was raised to the post of Archangel under ther perview of Offence, a post which he preforms to the utmost of his ability.

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