This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Angel Description


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    Angel Description Empty Angel Description

    Post by Hatarou on Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:38 am

    Fallen Angels: Fallen angels have sinned from their jobs and now roam earth. Their wings have been taken from them, but in some rare cases they are allowed to keep their wings, but the wings are marked with X's showing they're fallen. Their powers are restrained but they are left with enough of a power that they can regenerate minor wounds. Their powers are sealed away from one of the archangels, and in some cases are sealed by the leader of heaven. If they're sealed by the leader the powers are now gone and no use.

    Exiled: The exiled angels are sent to the barren waste lands. Other angels can visit the ones that have been exiled, but expect to die. The exiles tend to go mad in the barren lands. Their powers are gone, and their wings are marked with large red X's showing that they are exiled. They have done something against the law and got sent here.

    Angel healers: Angel healers are angels that excel mostly in healing, although they do know combat it is not as strong as warriors or assassins. Although they are very good with defense spells. They're respected among the angels, and most of learned from the leader the art of healing.

    Angel Warriors: The warriors are secondary to the arch angels. They're like captains under leaders. Warriors are known for their great strength and combat skills that would protect the land.

    Angel Assassins: Assassin angels are known for stealth and said to be closest to demons in the respect of their powers. They're a shady lot, who will get almost all jobs done.

    Arch Angels: Arch Angels are chosen by Nyx for their skill and prowess on the battlefield. They are the next powerful angel under the angel Queen. Their powers are more developed than most angels. There is an arch angel to mirror every sin aspect. Seeing as how there are eight, there are eight arch angels.

    The arch angels are above all the other angels. They are the elites of the angels, and are known as the protectors of heaven. They will protect the queen with their very lives, but do not have to be powerful just elders that understand their positions and will do them with pride.

    Royal Guard: The royal guard consists of ex-arch angels. These are Arch Angels that wanted to stay at Nyx's side and make sure that she had protection at all times. These angels are powerful and very deadly, they are elites that Nyx will test herself to make sure they are good enough.

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