This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    The Imperator Ornamentum. Empty The Imperator Ornamentum.

    Post by Hatarou on Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:48 pm

    The Imperator Ornamentum are seven weapons strong enough to give an arch demon or arch angel the strength to kill Nyx or Zavier. Their existence, however is only known to the arch angel, Fidelis rector, who created the weapons and strengthened them for over 2,000 years. However Fidelis intends to destroy them near the end of his current life. Their current location is hidden deep inside the forest of heaven inside a barrier that cannot be detected and cannot be entered by those not wanted inside. Each weapon will only let one contractor use it and will not make a contract with anyone who already has one with another of the weapons. The weapons cannot be removed from the barrier they are hidden in without a contractor. When a contract is made with a weapon the weapon will vanish and disappear however they are still "with" their contractor. When outside they must stay like this until they are called upon into battle. Outside the barrier the weapons will eventually break and must be returned to their alter within the barrier for them to be fixed. They will lose no strength but will become useless until returned to the alter. The amount of time they can be used before breaking is currently uncertain as only once has an Imperator Ornamentum been outside the barrier. (It is five posts for most of them.)

    The Weapons

    Name: Imperium
    Type: Sword
    Description: Imperium
    Abilities: Imperium was made with the ability to destroy the other Imperator Ornamentum. However the sword itself will be destroyed after destroying the last of the other IO. Imperium also constantly heals the user's wounds as they are received for a while (two posts). After that it'll strengthen itself and become a great defense against attacks (during the third and fourth post). After that phase it'll reach it's final phase (Post five) where it'll greatly strengthen the user's abilities and powers before breaking allowing for a powerful last attack that will leave the wielder next to dead but the opponent will surely die as well. Imperium is undoubtedly the strongest of the Imperator Ornamentum but can come with the greatest cost to the user.

    Name: Atrer
    Type: Scythe
    Description: Atrer
    Abilities: Atrer's energy glows dark black and accelerates the movement speed of the wielder. It draws out the blood of the user and releases solid blades of blood when swung after doing so. Wielding it until it breaks can actually leave the wielder dizzy from blood loss but it's strength is worth the sacrifice.

    Name: Impetus
    Type: Axe
    Description: Impetus
    Abilities: Impetus has a large amount of force behind every swing while the weapon itself stays lightweight. (Breaks after two posts)

    Name: Abeo
    Type: Bow
    Description: Abeo
    Abilities: Abeo takes the magic of the wielder and creates many times as much magic as it takes to form an arrow with a high destructive potential. The first arrow that is shot will form instantly but the next arrow takes longer to form (two posts) as the ability to multiply magic within Abeo is weakened. There will be no third arrow as there is not enough time to form one before Abeo breaks. (On the fifth post)

    Name: Sanctus
    Type: Spear
    Description: Sanctus
    Abilities: Sanctus builds up large amounts of energy, which glows white, and releases it with every attack. The attacks do not have to make contact for the energy to be released from the weapon. This can provide a lot of options for a skilled wielder

    Name: Patior
    Type: Halberd
    Description: Patior
    Abilities: Patior increases the stamina and tolerance for pain of the wielder. They will be able to fight twice as long against any enemy. When Patior nears breaking (Last two posts before breaking) it'll darken the opponents vision and make it more difficult for them to fight.

    Name: Nex Offendo
    Type: Knife
    Description: Nex Offendo
    Abilities: Nex Offendo may seem the weakest but it will drain part of the life of the target it strikes. Three cuts will kill an opponent two stabs will also kill an opponent. However this weapon breaks faster than most of the others. (Three posts).

    The Alter (Also a link if you can't tell)

    In the center of the alter lies Imperium with the other six IO in the pillars around it.

    The purpose for being forged

    Fidelis is no longer certain why it was he forged the IO. Originally he thought of creating powerful weapons for each arch angel to wield but he made them too powerful. But strengthening them become a hobby of his that he couldn't give up and so for 2,000 years he has poured more and more power into them. But being that they are so strong he intends to destroy them before they can ever be taken but until then he cannot bring himself to destroy them. He worries that one day Heaven will fight a war where they would need the strength of the Imperator Ornamentum. He is unsure whether he is just being paranoid or that something is telling him that the very war he is fearing will actually happen.

    Credz to Rio

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