This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    The Light and the Dark Empty The Light and the Dark

    Post by Hatarou on Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:47 pm

    The two ethereal beings who existed when nothing else seemed to exist. The forces that were always found in a constant struggle to win, but there was no right or wrong between the two. They each held power beyond anyone imaginations. The years progressed with the two ethereal beings at each others throats in a constant battle that was filled with blood and wild. The strength and power of their clashes created a being. The being was known as God, the man who made humans. The two forces presented him with a choice, join Darkness and become a master of shadows, pain and suffering, or Light and become the master of life and creation. God chose the path of Light, aligning himself with the force. This although displeased Darkness, but it would not be alone for long.

    God created the world, fashioning it to his desires, the oceans, seas, lake and rivers were all blue, and the land differed in a places. He then created creatures to thrive on these lands. For awhile god was happy enough with watching over the animals. The animals after all were pure creatures, they only killed to survive. God lived in his own garden, that was forbidden of all creatures but he was feeling lonely. He fashioned a man after how his own body was made, and took two ribs from the man to make a woman. These two were named Adam and Eve. They were permitted to stay in the garden of Eden, God has only one request, do not touch or eat the apples on the tree.

    Darkness watched this with interest, and when God left the two humans alone he made his move whispering to the female. Seeing as how she seemed to be the weaker of the two when it came to temptation. Darkness stuck its greedy tendrils of sorrow around the girl, whispering to her telling her to eat the apples. Eve then told Adam they should try the apples, but he refused. But soon enough he agreed with Eve, they should try the apples. Taking one of the apples from the tree, they both tried it. To their dismay God and Light had been watching. In dismay God decided he would have to kick the two humans to the world below. He did not want to have to kick them down on to Earth but they had broken the one rule he had laid out and now had to pay for their actions.

    He placed the humans on the world, and for years watched as they grew, lived, and became a large race. They had survived. Then the first one had died, the very first female. She had repented for the sin of eating the apple over the years, but when her soul was free to re-enter heaven, she was attacked by Darkness who wanted her soul. Light on the other hand, decided to pay the girl respect and saved her from the Darkness that seemed to be shattering her very soul. God let the girl's soul be re-born as the first angel. She had changed her name to Nyx, since she did not remember her name formerly, all she knew was she was alone on this strange land called Heaven. But she would find herself some ease.

    Darkness had been beaten back again to its displeasure, but knew God had been making creatures that were not like anything seen before. The first male's angel's name was Lucifer, Darkness watched this angel closely. He had put too much interest into the female, and look what it had gotten him, nothing. Taking the first chance that presented its self to Darkness, he made his move. Offering to give the male the same power that God had, Darkness waited to see if he could tempt the winged creature. And it was easily tempted accepting, little did it know the power had made it evil, falling from grace, Lucifer decided to make his own domain for people like him. Creating Hell, he made sure to make the place to his liking.

    Light had watched this with god at its side, both deeply displeased. They agreed that there needed to be a neutral force between good and evil, someone that would do the bidding of both. The entity, the Reaper had been created from their wishes. The being was weaker than Lucifer and God, but stronger than all the other creatures that would oppose it. The being roamed around earth, killing those that had to come to their time and deciding who would become sinned or not. The creatures first decision was to kill the biggest sinner of all, the man who had not just one trait of sin but all seven.

    Killing this man, Zavier was now in Hell with Lucifer. Zavier shaped a kingdom for himself, and started to make changes to hell to his own accord. Lucifer watched but didn't bother the soul for awhile till he changed the soul into a demon since it was Darkness's wish to have creatures like Light had.

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