This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Zavier Regis Empty Zavier Regis

    Post by Hatarou on Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:41 pm

    Welcome to Hell
    The simple facts.

    Name: Zavier Regis
    Age: Differs, 6000+
    Gender: Male
    Position: "King" of Hell
    Loyalty: Himself

    Seeing the reflection.

    Weight: Differs
    Height: Differs
    Zavier Regis Anime-10
    Over-all Appearance:
    Zavier Regis Anime-10
    This is Zavier's most favored form but over the years he has learned how to change his age and appearence. His eyes though are Dark green except when he is angered then they are a bright red. He has 2 regular sized horns that are on his forehead. Since he can shape shift he has three other favored forms.

    Zavier Regis 817ed71223e6c66de3a899191ab1749025a0e35d
    Child form: He transform into a small child around the age of 7. He has 2 small dainty horns sprouting from corners of his head. He has a mischevious look about him. 

    Elder form: in this form he looks around the age of 80. He has two long dark horns coming out his skull. He usually has a cane but it's normally for show. He also has a long beard and he normally keeps his eyes closed.

    Demon form: This is his 1st form and it looks like his favored form but instead of skin his "Skin" Is craggy volcanic asphalt. He usually forms armor onto his bare "skin" in this form. In this form his claws can not recede into him.
    *In all forms he has the same clothes/armor.  

    What I act like.

    Likes:Everything pleasurable
    Fears:He's out lived them
    Over-all Personality:Zavier is very wise and rugged. Over the milleniums he has seen various horrid things so he is seen as cold and heartless. Zavier has a fun habit to be real saddistic when in a fight, tending to enjoy the pleasure of delivering pain. Zavier also has a compassionate side, but he's rarely merciful. He has been proven to be kind to the ones who have proven that they can be trusted.

    The Potential of a Tainted Soul.

    Mythical Ability:Zavier has the ability to manipulate and use souls. He can use the souls of the people/creatures to fight with him. At this point he has collected hundreds of million of souls but most are far to weak to fight so he only uses a select few. (Actual Soul count is 247,898,328) It is said that his body/soul make the perfect mediums for anything to do with Souls, of course barely anyone knows this as he is only seen using his ability offensively.

    *He learned on how to shape shift.

    *While in Hell he can easily change the terrain of the field by inserting his claws into the ground.

    *Soul Execution: Zavier own personal move where he strikes his claws into his opponents chest and forcibly rips their soul and either consumes it or completely destroys it. (10 post charge time)

    *Resurrection: If by any chance Zavier is killed he can sacrafice 100 souls to create him a new body for his soul to inhabit.

    *Soul implosion: If by any chance if Zavier soul is defeated all the souls he has collected shall explode with the power of an exploding star. If used in a celestial ground (Heaven/Hell ) The land reverts to what it was originally before the angels/demons of his generation tampered with.

    *Soul Analyzation: Uses his claws and he can read any persons mind, mood, and intentions but he must enter his claws into their body.

    *3 Blade Dancers: Summons the souls of 3 samurai swordsmen and they work together to fight his opponent. They are impervious to physical attacks since they are mainly intangible.(1 post charge, 2 post they stay, 2 post till can be used again)

    *Crimson Strike: Summons the soul of a demon who had the power to create large balls of fire and launch them and cause them to explode.(No post charge, 1 post cool down)

    *Rain of arrows: Can summon the souls of a small archer battalion with about 15 archers. They shoot of their all of their arrows lit on fire at the opponents.(2 posts charge, 1 post cool down)

    Phalanx: Summons the souls of demons who sprout from his body to form a protective shield and he uses as a defense to make sure no harm comes to him. (1 post cool down)

    Weapons: Claws
    Weapon Name: Soul Eater
    Type: All
    Description:Zavier even on his 1st day of him being In. hell had sharp skinny claws imbued into his arms. They are a deep blood red color. Over the years he learned how to make the claws recede into his body and they only retract when he chooses to.    
    Abilities: His claws have the power to let Zavier absorb the soul of anyone he chooses. Usually a powerful entity can resist the intial soul absorbtion which begins a fight.

    History of a Sinner.

    Family: Maybe once but none that he can remember.
    History: Zavier was one Of the 1st humans to develop their soul and know what right and wrong was. Even though having developed a soul, he decided to do evil and he had killed 2 men as well as several acts against humanity. He was eventually caught and was killed for his crime, though he doesn't remember who actually did him in, the angry mob, or the dark looming figure who seemed to be following poor Zavier...

    Since he was the 1st to do wrong willingly he arrived into a new domain which was his new utopia also known as Hell. Unlike his angel counterparts he first arrived as a demon, basically he awoke to find his skin to be deformed and his claws already out. Being the first in this domain he had no idea what to do. He roamed the original level of hell for what felt centuries. All that was there were horrendous monsters, and a rouge new comer demon. Having already realized his powers, he had a fun time collecting for a few centuries.

    Eventually he stopped killing everything and made a few friends... Rahkti and Amana... His closest friends in those beginning years... They were killed though... By a band of other demons. This made the future king snap though and as he noticed how many people were entering hell, this was perfect as he started to slaughter by the hundreds. Eventually he did cool down and he noticed the realization of a new power... He was able to shape the land... So after a few centuries of dealing with hell... He decided to split hell up and made layers, what he would later call circles as a joke.

    As more and more demons arrived Zavier realized that he was the strongest, he who was able to form protection from the savage beasts of the initial hell, he who had slain already thousands before.... He crafted himself a palace and declared himself king! Of course their we're many who declined his grasp at power... Of course they were silenced and the reign of king Zavier started...

    Around this time as he organized the scattered demons into an army, a strange portal opened up and Zavier invaded whatever was on the other side... The rest is history...

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