This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Lucifer: "God" Of Hell


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    Lucifer: "God" Of Hell

    Post by Hatarou on Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:48 am

    Age: few million years
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Diety
    Class: Betrayal

    He stands tall at a 6'4 and weighs well no one knows he constantly changes his weight but never his appearance. His wings and appearence have never changed and he still looks angelic but the darkness that he has let enter his body has distorted his legs and gave him horns. 

    Personality: How'd you'd expect The devil to be.

    Name: Orsa Mortuus
    Type: sword
    Description: picture above
    Abilities: If stabbed by  this majestic blade it awakes the evil in a person and the person shall go and destroy everyone around them. Long ago it used go cleanse a person of all guilt but clearly not anymore. It also has the power to spew out black fire out at its opponent. To a weak person their darkness shall consume them usually destroying them but for a person of great evil it shall do nothing to them. 

    Powers: Long ago his power was very close to God's he could do all except one thing. Create life with a soul and a mind. After he gave up to the Darkness he gained the power to create powerful but very simple animal like monsters. He still has his angelic powers with him.

    Short history: When he gave his life to darkness, the darkness took his legs which reformed them into something hideous and gave him horns. The power he gained was to create creatures with simple minds but no soul. Since his exile he has been creating millions of horrible creatures. When Zavier 1st arrived in Hell Lucifer cared very little. Then Zavier started his first harvest with the beasts of Hell. After more of God's humans arrived in Hell Lucifer started to watch over the strongest of the group or as we may know him as... Zavier. He still carefully watches Zavier but other than this he does little with God or anyone else anymore.

    Other: Literal translaTion of his name is Morning Star

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