This is an RPG based in the realms of Heaven, with the angels, and in Hell with the demons. Which side do you choose?

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    Demon Description


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    Demon Description

    Post by Hatarou on Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:31 am


    Exiled: The exiled demons are the select few that have foughten the leader and have survived, to make sure they do not revolt, Zavier has tooken a piece of their souls to weaken them to near crippling forms. The exiled form as Zavier's aces for if he chooses to he will given them back their strength and let them go off to fight in battles.

    Demon Generals: They act as the captains of the Arch Demons. Each Arch Demon has up to two generals under them.

    Demon Warriors: A basic demon

    Demon Assassins: Demon Assassin are the stealthiest of any entity. Primarily because most were Assassins/Spies while living and took there skill with them.

    Lust: Demons of Lust are usually flirtatious and good looking and very persuasive but other than this they have no special ablities.

    Gluttony: Demons of gluttony usually have acidic saliva and can eat anything.

    Sloth: They are usually lazy and can spread their laziness to others through yawning.

    Wrath: These demons are usually very angry or prone to violence and their trademark trait is that these two demons are sturdy and physically stronger than other types of demons.

    Fraud: Have the ability to alter the minds of weak entities into attacking their allies.

    Betrayal: They are mainly depressed and can't be easily trusted but they make good spys.

    Envy: They're cunning

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